1. Fishing trip to Hannibal Banks & Coiba Isla for five days

                   we will be staying on Coiba Isla at night going out 

                   from there to the fishing aeras  for the days fishing .

                   Fish;YellowFin Tuna,Wahoo,Amberjack,

                   Snapper,Barracuda.The price is $3995.for one to two        

                   and a $450.pp deposit is required at the time of booking

                   balance to be paid the day before the trip in cash,

                   All fee on Coiba Isla our not included look below for the




              3.  Day trip to Secas Isla fishing for Dorado,Snapper & some

                   time Tuna are there,trip are 9 hours.We give rods some 

                   lures,bait ,ice,lunch,water on our boat.$750. for two .

                   A deposit of $350. to be paid at the time of booking by bank 

                   transfer,The balance to be paid the day before in cash. 


              4. Day trip to Ladrones Isla fishing for YellowFin Tuna,

                  Wahoo,Amberjack, Snapper,Grouper,trip is for 9 hours.

                  We give rods,you should bring some lures bait,ice,lunch,

                  water on our boat.Price $750. for two.

                  A deposit is required of $350. at the time of booking by 

                  bank transfer and the balance to be paid the day before in 


              5.Day trip to Paritas Isla fishing for Sierra Mackerel,Snapper,

                  Red Stripe Rockfish,Barracuda,Jack.We give rods,some 

                  lures,bait,ice,lunch,water on our boat.Price;$695. A

                 deposit of $350.required to be paid by bank transfer,the

                 balance to be paid the day before the trip in cash.



                  27' Custom Panga with twin Yamaha outboards

                  standard  horizon GPS,Cobra VHF Radio,2 fish cooler,

                  All safety equipment( life vests,whistles,flare,etc.



                    Our Five day trip  thing not included 

                    Food,Beverages off the boat and the fee at Coiba Isla.We

                    don't give Alcohol, if you 

                    want it its OK to drink on Coiba Isla not on the boat.We

                    take a BBQ to cook some of the fish at night.

                    AND WE DON"T PAY YOUR TRANSPORTATION or Air

                    ON ALL Packages, If you want all inclusive just ask.  

                    PRICES START AT THE BOAT. 


                    SKYPE carllafoe

                    Phone; English 507-6727-1200


                    Thing to bring Hat,Sunglasses,Sun Block ,insect

                    repellent,towel,some of your best lures 6or8 a must.