These prices Valid February 1,2015



            1.From David City going out to Ladrones Isla where we will be

               spending the day,Then out to Coiba Isla from there  where

               we will be staying the  nights.Or if you want we can stay on

               Montuosa  in tents at no extra charge to the clients .

               Going out to Hannibal Banks & Montuosa from

               there. This is a six day trip for one to four.




              -2 spearos-$ 1995.pp

              -3 spearos-$ 1545.pp

              -4 spearos-$ 1,095.pp

                To add one more

               5- spearo-$ 950.pp





           2.This is a three day package,going to Secas Isla for Snapper,

             Dorado,Sirra mackerel, the first day,Day2 to Ladrones Isla 

             for Wahoo,YellowFin Tuna,Grouper,Day3 Going to Paridas 

             Isla for Snapper,Roosterfish,Barracuda,Jack,SierraMackerel.

             -1 spearo-$2085.

             -2 spearos-$1045.pp

             -3 spearos-$825.pp

             -4 spearos-$640.pp



             We are offering day trips to Secas Isla, Ladrones Isla, Paridas 


            Day trips start at; $795. for 1 to 2,for each spearo added      

            $150.pp.up to four.

            On all of are five day trips we use two boats one boat is for the

            clients and one for extra ice & gas, because the ice only last for

            about two days,at no extra charge we want to make serve that

            the fish are ice down,and to take your luggage. One boat will

            hold 7 spearo so if you have more then four we can take them

             at an extra charge.



             We give lunch & Beverage while on our boat,ice,gas for the five

             days,experience boat captain,deckhand,gps,fish finder,radio.

             We take a BBQ out with us to the Isla so all can cook fish,and 

             what you want to bring.If you would like  more days tell us, Or

             a diffident  package  you name it we will put it together.

             WE are here to make your trip a great one,

                           COME AS CLIENT LEAVE AS FRIENDS

                                   You have two Choice where you stay

               1.Room at Coiba Isla are $20.a night pp,and a one time

                  entertain fee of $20.pp,anchor fee for one boat 20.a night.

               2. Paritsa Isla lodge is about $ $50.pp a night.  

               3. For economy we our going to use tents  on trip over two

                   days at no charge to are clients.Staying on isla Montuosa

                   is only for three days because of the ice,&on one of the Isla                    around Isla Paridsa.


                                   All prices start at the boat.



             There is a $450.deposit pp. required to be paid at the time of

             your booking,pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal ,Balance to be          paid the    

             day before the trip in cash.


                                      Thing you need to bring



             Spear-gun & equipment,food for night & water for off the boat,

             sunglasses,insect repellent,shoes that you can get wet,dry

             clothes and towel,passport (or copy) or Cedula